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OA-Cloud is a development of the existing, tried and tested OpenAce Service Management system. However, OA-Cloud is designed for businesses with expanded requirements in terms of numbers of users, clients and operating sites.  As part of this development OA-Cloud has been tailored for the more complex computing and business environments facing the developing and expanding organisations operating in the service sector today.

OA-Cloud can be accessed via iPad, iPhone and Android devices as well as a traditional Windows and OS X (mac) desktops.

OA-Cloud has all of the improvements applied in the latest release of OpenAce which have been designed to reduce workload of both Office and Field Service staff. These include, streamlined call entry and closure, screen layouts, which have been modified to more effectively, display information as and when it is needed. Also both sales order and purchase order processing have been enhanced for ease of use and increased functionality.

OA-Cloud will provide preventative maintenance management, fault logging, emergency call out and scheduled events, such as training and installation. The system can easily deal with multiple contract, and warranty types, as well as recording costs for chargeable work. At each stage of the call the information for that call is time-stamped and the parts used, fix-code and other pertinent information is stored for future reference. For example, engineers’ vehicles may be one of the many types of spares depot the system supports. Furthermore, full management functions with many parameter driven reports are included.

OA-Cloud holds lists of installed equipment assigned to customer and site locations. Handling of multiple customer sites is fully catered for and poses no obstacle to efficient operation of the system. Together with the equipment and site details, OA-Cloud can store information regarding the qualifications and availability of engineers and whether they are preferred for a specific site or customer.

The standard mobile data functions are inclusive, allowing direct real time control of your engineering resources, with the ability to exchange information with the handheld computing devices using OA-Mobile a service call can be driven directly from the engineer whilst in transit, or on site. This empowers the engineer and significantly reduces the workload for office-based staff.

OA-Cloud has the ability to link to various external packages. Using this functionality OA-Cloud can form the core of a total solution for companies within the service 

sector of the market. These capabilities and links can be extended to accommodate future customer and business requirements. Coupled with enhanced scalability OA-Cloud can be expanded to support from 3 to 30+ desktop users. This makes it the ideal choice for the progressive service business.