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OpenACE is NOT only an office-based Service Management system. With the use of OA-Mobile on handheld devices you can empower your remote workforce. OA-Mobile allows the remote user to accept, progress, update and complete calls. With these functions presented through an easy-to-use interface the user can take control of their immediate working environment. With the ability to capture customer signatures and images of the work done OA-Mobile significantly increases remote workforce efficiency whilst reducing the workload of office-based staff. OA-Mobile actually takes control of the call once it has been allocated.

Apart from for any unplanned exceptions the office-based staff need only be concerned with the call once it has been completed and they need to deal with any remedial actions. This means that, when used together, OpenACE and OA-Mobile enable any service business to markedly reduce overheads and increase profitability.

OA-Mobile has been developed to run on any devices using IOS or Android, be they tablet or phone, and uses the existing GPRS or 4G/3G mobile telephone networksOA-Mobile is mobile network provider independent and will even work in environments where your remote workforce use a mix of providers. The office-based OpenACE end of the process is designed to be easily deployable in almost all service business environments.

The calls, when issued to the remote worker, are shown in an easy-to-read display. This gives the user the option to accept or reject a call depending on his or her circumstance at the time. As calls are accepted or rejected OA-Mobile automatically sends the relevant messages back to the office.

The user has the option to view a summary of the call information prior to acceptance. The summary page is available for review at any time. The map button also enables the user to view the location of the site and therefore to plan a route.

OA-Mobile is set up to allow the user to record time spent on various aspects of the call as shown on the travel update page. This information can be input at each individual stage or at the completion of a call. OA-Mobile will formulate this information and then automatically transmit this data back to the office.

The Job Details page provides a summary of all the information the user has recorded whilst dealing with the specifics of the work required, including the captured customer signature. These details can be sent immediately to the office or saved locally for later transmission.

When used with OpenACE, OA-Mobile provides a seamless process which allows both remote and office-based staff to maximise their productivity.